Students under SPIE Student Chapter actively participate in many activities both inter and intra college.

What we do


The annual quiz competition of SPIE BPPIMT student chapter, It contained several rounds comprising of questions related to general knowledge focusing on technology. The quiz includes lots of questions and prizes for the audience.

School Awareness program

It is a little endeavor from our side to make the teens interested in science, technology & engineering. Our campaign is to evoke interest in Electronics and Photonics along with peripheral technical parts.

Solar project

The SPIE student’s chapter of BPPIMT is working on solar project that will provide solar energy to remote villages where the electricity can’t reach. It is a keen effort from us to develop the lifestyle of the people belongs from rural areas.

Khet competition

Intra College laser game event that was first introduced in Techstorm 2.13, BPPIMT. Khet is a chess-like abstract strategy board game using lasers that was formerly known as Deflexion.


We organize several conferences like EAPE(Emerging Areas of Photonics and Electronics), and seminars on photonics and electronics. Many professors are invited to enlighten the students about their research.

Industrial Visit & Workshop

Workshops are conducted every year to facilitate the student's theoretical knowledge and to make innovative projects with it. Industrial Visits enhances practical knowledge of the student and make them familiar with recent industrial trends.

Our Activities


April 16-17, 2017

Organised by: SPIE.B.P.P.I.M.T student chapter
Place: Departmental Library, ECE , BPPIMT


March 15-16, 2016

Organised by: SPIE.B.P.P.I.M.T student chapter
Place: Departmental Library, ECE , BPPIMT


Feb 27, 2016

Organised by: SPIE.B.P.P.I.M.T student chapter
Place: Seminar hall, BPPIMT

EAPE 2015

Oct 9-10, 2015

Organised by: SPIE.bppimt student chapter
Place: Seminar hall, BPPIMT

International Conference

April 16, 2015

Attended by: Barnik Mandal
Place: Prague, Czech Republic


The annual Quiz Competiiton

February 09, 2015

Place: Seminar Room

School Awareness Programme

February 06, 2015

Place: Netaji Sikhsayatan,

Seminar on Bio-Photonics

August 18, 2014

Visiting Speaker: Prof K. Dholakia
Place: Seminar Hall, B.P.P.I.M.T.